Team Awareness

The first step for Pitches Wales is to expand our reach to players, teams and leagues around Wales. We want as many teams as possible to find out about us, so that we can find out exactly what they want us to provide.

After the successful launch of our Facebook page, we intend to push our social media efforts to accomplish more team reach. If you have any thoughts at all on how you think we can improve our service, please let us know via Feedback Form, Facebook , or emailing We really do want to hear from you!

We have partnered with our first football team, Aberystwyth Exiles FC, who have agreed to help us expand our reach and improve our vision. We will work to partner with many more clubs in the near future.

Venue Awareness

Most of our venue data has been researched by us or crowdsourced from teams and individuals kind enough to submit venues they've booked previously. (Please, if you have information on any venue, get in contact with us!).

We will be contacting and working to build relationships with venue owners to find out exactly what kind of services they would like to see Pitches Wales provide. Whilst also verifying the information on our site.

Because our aim is to make booking far easier for both teams and venues, we will be proposing a more public booking system for venues to use. It's very early days but if we can get venues on board, we could potentially provide a centralised location for teams to choose, and book from a selection of venues with a few clicks.

If you have any thoughts on this, please Contact Us (Even if you think some of the ideas are terrible! We'd rather know now than later on!).

About Pitches Wales

For Sports Teams

If you're a member of a Football, Rugby, Hockey, or any other sports team that requires training throughout the winter months, Pitches Wales will help you find a venue.


There are often hundreds of other sports teams needing access to winter training facilities across Wales, yet only a limited number of adequate venues.

to our Sports Team Mailing List to get updates on venue offers and regular slots throughout the winter months. Alternatively, contribute to our list of Venues by

For Venues

If you work in or own a sports facility in Wales and want to increase your reach in the sporting community in your area, then Pitches Wales can help you.

Our venue information is currently crowdsourced from teams which have booked and used the venues. However, we are looking for as much accurate information on every single one, so if you own or work at a venue which can cater to sports teams in winter please get in touch by emailing, or filling in a

If we can verify you to your venue, we will display a gold star on the venue tile on our homepage to give visiting teams full visibility of your facilities and prices on offer.

Alternatively, you can immediately, but this would not be automatically verified.